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Through the use of personalized, evidenced-based interventions, my services aim to help individuals overcome excessive worry, panic attacks, and stress. I create a safe space to explore triggers and develop coping skills. Therapy sessions may include cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness practices, and relaxation exercies, empowering indivisuals to regain control, build confidence, and lead a more balanced life. 


Are you experiencing persistent sadness, low energy, and a sense of hopelessness? Depression can be an isolating experience, but you don't have to face it alone. Through therapy, individuals gain a better understanding of their emotions, learn effective problem solving skills and rebuild a positive outlook on life. The therapeutic process fosters resilience and promotes emotional healing and allows room for joy and fulfillment. 


Therapy postpartum offers support to new moms experiencing emotional struggles after childbirth. A safe and nurturing environment for mothers to express their challenges with postpartum anxiety and depression. Through talk therapy mothers will gain coping tools, self care techniques, and a deeper understanding of their emotions. This service will also allow moms to rebuild their emotional well-being and strengthen the maternal bond. 


If you and your partner are struggling with communication, trust, or connection, my couples therapy program can help. Couples therapy provides a supportive and neutral space for partners to express their feelings, work through challenges, and rediscover the strengths in their relationship. It aims to enhance understanding between partners and promote healthier interactions. 


My therapy for new parents provides a supportive space where parents can discuss challenges, fears, and adjustments related to parenthood. It offers coping strategies, communication skills, and emotional support to navigate the journey of raising a child, promoting the well-being of both parents and the newborn. 


Group therapy offers a safe space for members to share experiences, expression emotions, and provide mutual support. Participants benefit from a sense of belonging, understanding and validation that comes from connecting with others who have similar challenges. Through shared insight and community participants find comfort in knowing they are not aline in their healing journey. 

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